Little Splashers classes are a gentle introduction to the water for parent and baby using the therapeutic properties of the water as a bonding experience, that will build mum’s confidence with baby together in the water. We will teach you different positions to support your child in the pool to enable them to explore the water through different songs and activities.

Splash and Swim - Little Splasher Swimming Lessons
Splash and Swim Whitley bay
Splash and Swim Whitley bay
Splash and Swim Whitley bay

Swim sessions for babies 0-36 months

These sessions allow plenty of skin contact, which promotes bonding, and helps you and your baby relax and become more confident in the water environment.  Swimming is a stimulating activity that will enable you to interact and communicate with your baby whilst teaching them lots of new skills. We do not do any activities that involve submerging you or your baby. We allow the children to explore the water for themselves. As adults we wouldn’t want to be plunged underwater and there is no benefit of doing this to babies.

How do our classes work?

These classes are run on a weekly basis during the school terms. They are booked in half termly blocks and priority is given to those already attending lessons to renew towards the end of each term. Any unallocated spaces will then be offered to those on our waiting list. Either mum, dad or grandparents are welcome to attend with your baby but we request that only one adult is present in the water with them at any time.


Woodlawn School swimming pool – Monkseaton

Monday session time:


Tuesday session times:


Thursday session times:


Who are they for?

These classes are for babies from 6 weeks to 36 months old. Babies do not need to have had their first injections before starting a course but we request that both mum and baby have been for their 6 week postnatal check prior to starting classes, as it is a form of exercise for both of you.

Benefits of Little Splashers classes

  • Return to exercise in a safe and gentle way while spending time with your baby
  • Meet other mums and babies in your area
  • Improve confidence with your little one in the water
  • Gentle movements in the water helps to tone babies muscles and facilitate development
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Splash and Swim - Little Splasher Swimming Lessons
Splash and Swim - Little Splasher Swimming Lessons
Splash and Swim - Little Splasher Swimming Lessons
Splash and Swim Whitley bay

Woodlawn School swimming pool

Woodlawn School
Drumoyne Gardens
NE25 9DL


There is no set area for parking and we are not permitted to use the school car park at all. There are places to park along the street but please be aware of the disabled parking bays and dropped kerbs.


The pool is down the driveway between Woodlawn School and Langley First school, you will see the pool on your right. As you approach the main entrance you will see a fire door to your right with ramped access. Please use this entrance and not the main school entrance. Prams and pushchairs may be brought into the lobby area but are not to be taken into the changing areas at all.


No food or drink may be consumed in the pool area or within the changing rooms for hygiene reasons.


For those attending the Little Splashers classes we require a double nappy policy. Babies should wear a disposable swim nappy and a neoprene swim nappy over the top.  This helps prevent any possible leaking from the nappy.

For those in the Little Swimmers classes, if your child is toilet trained then a normal swimming costume should be fine.

Splash and Swim Whitley bay
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    Splash and Swim Whitley bay