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Swimming Pool Rules

To ensure the safety of the children we all have a responsibility to promote high standards of behaviour at the swimming pool and ask all of our parents and pupils to support us in upholding our swimming pool rules.


  • No shoes allowed on poolside. Please either take shoes off or use the shoe covers provided. Please place shoe covers back on the stands provided.
  • No eating or food is allowed on pool side. If you need to feed your little ones, please do so outside.
  • No littering please! All belongings brought into the pool area must be taken out after the lesson.
  • Please encourage children to use the toilet prior to their lesson starting. Please ensure all small children are accompanied to the toilet. Please ensure that your child has flushed the toilet after they have used it.
  • Please ensure that long hair is tied back or wear a swimming cap.
  • No running around on the side of the pool. No jumping into the pool without permission from the teacher.
  • Please ensure prams and pushchairs remain in the lobby area and are not taken into the changing rooms.
  • Siblings and other children that are waiting for a lesson or are spectating are to sit quietly on the benches so as not to disturb the lessons in progress.
  • No camera or video equipment without prior express permission from Splash and Swim.
  • When needing to speak with a teacher, please do so at a convenient moment either prior to, or after the lesson.
  • All babies and toddlers who are not potty trained need to wear double nappies which is a disposable swim nappy and a neoprene swim nappy over the top. Please ensure that all nappies are placed in the specific nappy bins.
  • Where possible change your baby on the floor to avoid accidents. Remember supervision of your children is your responsibility and not that of the Teachers.
  • We will not tolerate bullying or any kind.
  • Splash and Swim has a Child Protection Policy to ensure that swimming is enjoyed in a safe and positive environment.

Sarah Miller
Splash and Swim
March 2020

Splash and Swim Whitley bay


Safe, enjoyable and inclusive

Splash and Swim is a safe, enjoyable and inclusive environment for all children.

Safeguarding is everyone's business

If you are worried about a child or a young person at Splash and Swim report it, remember safeguarding is everyone's business.

Splash and Swim Whitley bay
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Splash and Swim Whitley bay
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