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Privacy Policy

We treat our client’s information and privacy with the utmost respect. Please see below what data we use about you and why. Although in the scale of things we are a relatively small business we have big intentions in terms of transparency and value exchange regarding your data and how we use it. Please do read the below in conjunction with our Terms and Conditions and Cookies Policy to give you the full picture of how we operate.

Splash and Swim collects information on you for the following reasons

  1. To facilitate:
  • your swimming classes, swimming progress and experience with us
  • administer any events in which you may wish to participate
  • answer your enquiries
  • to
deal with any incidents involving you
  1. To personalise your experience:
  • we create an individual profile for you so that we can understand and respect your preferences and tailor our teaching and communication accordingly
  1. To strive to continually improve our offering:
  • by creating anonymised aggregated information about members and swimmers to enable us to progress our products, services and marketing
  1. To build and benefit our swimming community including facilitating social connections passing on information to you about:
  • school news, swimming events, offers and opportunities
  • as well as goings on in our local communities that you may find of interest
  1. To encourage your participation and understanding of the sport by telling you about:
  • swimming news, events and promotions
  • as well as goings on in our local communities that you may find of interest
  1. To manage our business and your account:
  • to comply with legislative requirements
  • to track our revenue
  • to facilitate, track and audit payments

Third party organisations

We never give our data to third party organisations not directly commissioned and vetted by Splash and Swim.  From time to time we need third party organisations to handle your data in order for us to run our business and facilitate the objectives above to include: our freelance teachers, office and marketing staff.

Anonymised data is used by our website WordPress, Google Analytics, Facebook and Twitter to optimize our marketing.

We also use Swimsoft as a piece of purpose-built software to manage our class registrations and bookings and software to manage our accounts. Some class administration maybe securely stored in Google Documents.

Sensitive personal Information

As part of our pupil registration and based on ongoing conversations with you we record relevant medical history which is (and we treat) as sensitive personal data.  Due to the nature of swimming it’s necessary to collect this to ensure our pupil’s safety and well-being.

We treat all information in the strictest confidence, passing this only to those that directly need to know it including teachers, office staff and medical staff (if they are ever called out to an emergency).


No photography or filming is allowed at Splash and Swim lessons without prior permission from Splash and Swim. This is to protect all pupils and teachers.

Some of the swimming pools we use have CCTV installed for the protection of their property. These are managed by the sites themselves and Splash and Swim does not have access to and does not use any of the footage.


We only contact swim school pupils / parents / guardians who are enrolled with Splash and Swim via email, text, phone or post for the duration of their course and processing any incoming enquiries in between.  We may in this time send information about our other swimming courses, activities and promotions as well as news of the local community and swimming as a sport and hobby which is relevant to our community.

Updating your information

We need to keep your information accurate and up to date. In the event that there is change to your personal information, for example, your contact details, please let us know as soon as possible, by contacting our office.

How long we keep your information for

We are obliged by law to keep records relating to the accounts of the business for 7 years.

Any additional information to this required for class participation and progress we store for up to 2 years post a pupil leaving Splash and Swim, in order to facilitate easy registration should they wish to return to class.

Contact us

For any questions about this or any of our policies please get in touch with our office.

Sarah Miller
Splash and Swim
March 2020

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Splash and Swim is a safe, enjoyable and inclusive environment for all children.

Safeguarding is everyone's business

If you are worried about a child or a young person at Splash and Swim report it, remember safeguarding is everyone's business.

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