Best Age To Start Swimming Lessons North East

Best Age To Start Swimming Lessons North East

At Splash and Swim we are often asked what is the best age to start swimming lessons, here in the North East.

Best Age To Start Swimming Lessons North East, baby classes

We start our baby groups from 6 weeks. These aren’t lessons as such – they are play sessions.

Our Little Splasher sessions are a gentle introduction to water for both mum or dad or grandparent and baby.

Using water as a wonderful bonding experience. This helps to build confidence and helps with babies overall development.

Best age for swimming lessons, north east, social aspectOnce baby is 24 months we move on to Little Swimmers.

These classes are similar in principle to Little Splashers  ie it’s all about confidence. The child’s guardian is still in the water with the child and we provide a safe enviroment with gentle activity.

These classes provide parents with the support and cofidence to relax and enjoy this experience.  The social aspect, getting to know other guardians, is loved by all.

Toddlers tend to stay in Little Swimmers until they are ready to progress to entering the pool in their own. This normally happens age 3 – 3.5 years old.

Best Age To Start Swimming Lessons North East – from 3

Best Age To Start Swimming Lessons North East, from age 3When they are ready they join the main Splash and Swim classes. This is when the more formal aspect of swimming technique begins. Parents remain poolside to watch and support their child.

Our Swimming Instructors here in the North East are always in the pool with the children and we run small classes of up to 6 children.

Sessions are based upon the National “Learn to Swim” award scheme from Swim England. The main ethos of Swim England is the development of water confidence and introduction of basic water skills. In our opinion and experience the best age to start actualy swimming lessons is from 3 years old, here in the North East.

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Splash and Swim is a local swim school based in Whitley Bay, offering swimming lessons to babies, toddlers and children.


We currently use four pools for our swimming lessons: Woodlawn School swimming pool – Monkseaton, Beacon Hill School swimming pool – Wallsend, Percy Hedley School swimming pool - Killingworth and Benfield School swimming pool - Newcastle.


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